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For energy cleansing and restoring your peace

Let That Sh*t Go Kit

SKU: 0001
  • Stressed out? Feeling out of sorts? Moving to a new home?  Take back your inner peace with a smoke clearing Kit. Grown and sourced here in Ontario, Canada. Kit contains herb bundles, incense, incense holder, crystals, tea light and instructions.

    • White sage (for cleansing and good health), 
    • Lavender (for calmness), 
    • Sweetgrass (for happiness and energy)
    • Hem Sage Incense package of 20
    • Hem Palo Santo Incense package of 20
    • Green wood Incense holder
    • 1 selenite stick (Great at clearing other crystals, and taking away some phsyical pains)
    • 1 tealight to promote peace and serenity
    • An instruction guide for first time users
  • All sales final

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